Only 25.99 usd WIFi smart camera Doorbell, support IOS and Android phone, free shipping

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VStarcam D1 Door Camera, Outdoor camera + Indoor camera,WIFi camera + RF2.4G, Photo Doorbell, support IOS and Android phone


VStarcam D1 is a video doorbell that allows you to know who's at your door whether you're at home, at work or on the go. When a visitor presses the button. D1 sends you push notification so you open APP. And you can see, hear and speak to the person at your door from select iOS and Android mobile devices. VStarcam D1 Wifi Doorbell Camera replaces your current doorbell.

                                             Free shipping
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Smart Snapshot Doorbell
Outdoor Camera
Photo resolution
Photo format
Image sensor
2 MP 1/4 inch OV CMOS
80°, F2.8 (aperture)
Transmission mode
2.4G RF
Transmission distance
30 m
Night vision mode
Support(1 LED light)
1 key-press(only for photograph)
Power supply
2 triple A batterrys(Series circuit)
Surface treatment
Source material
Fixed and mounting method
3M glue or Screw(2 screws)
Battery installation&uninstallation
Fastener(No screw,easy to install&uninstall)
Alarm system (burglar)
Size & weight
87(L)*58(W)*15.5mm(H), 80g approximately
Indoor Camera
Transmission mode
Transmission Date
Receive Date
RF 2.4G
Transmission distance
RF 30 meters+WIFI 30meters
1 key-press(short press:RF code match+long press:wifi Reset)
Speaker(dingdong sound,Power:2W)
Power supply
Wide voltage(110V-220V)
Power supply slot &socket
British socket, American socket,European Socket
TBD(is validating)
Energy efficiency Class
Class 6
Indicator light
Surface treatment
Source material
Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Humidity: 30% to 90%
Size & weight
35(L)*35(W)*45mm(H), 35g approximately
Support (Eye4)
Doorbell notification push
Support (Eye4)
Reaction time
2s-3s(According by network environment)
Outdoor camera(Part A)+ Indoor camera(Part B)+1 instruction               
+ 2 triple A batterry+1 plastic uptake sheathing











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