Chematoare pasari mp3, 400 sunete, difuzor 35W, FoxPro, pret 389 lei

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  Hunting bird caller, MP3 player, 35W speaker Fox Pro
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Material Plastic
Item Type Game Caller
Key word Hunting mp3 bird call
Power External DC 12V supplies external speaker
Sound 403 animals sounds
Type Animals
Control distance 250 yards
High-power speakers 35W
Hotkey Four
Inner Pack 22.5*14.3*14cm

1. Wireless remote control, both in synchronization, react sensitively, work up to more than 250 Yards.
2. Built-in more than 400 sounds with different animals and birds. Specialty transcribed with clear reality sounds.
3. Built-in 4 Hotkeys, store your "go to" sounds at desired voice, and press it play right now.
4. Built-in RECALL Key, Hunters can easily shift cut the songs from current play song back to pre-play song.
5. Decoy: enhancing the attractive effect for strong aggressivity animals, a DECOY pin added, connect external decoy tails .
6. Use AA*10 battery for machine, the remote use AA*3 battery (not included). Accepts Re-Chargeable Batteries.
7. Input and output supported.

                               Free worldwide shipping for only 88.99 USD
                                                                  Package Includes:
                                                  1 X User manual
                                                  1 X DC 12V power cable
                                                  1 X USB cable
                                                  1 X Game caller host
                                                  1 X Remote control  


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