The world's smallest 1080P spy camera, motion detection, infrared night vision

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     Mini Smallest 1080P IR-CUT Camera Camcorder Micro Infrared Night Vision Motion Detection DV Camera

 The Smallest camera, only 2.8x1.1x2.8 cm, more convenient to hide, stronger concealment.
HD 1080P, imaging more clear, more vivid colors.
Two 5*8MM night vision lights, 940nm Lamps, no light lighten, recording without flash, night vision distance can up to 5 meters.
IR-CUT, activate/deactivate the night vision automatically, upon the ambient environment change.
Very easy to use, one-click video, one-click motion detection.
Loop video, can turn on and turn off.
 Timestamp can show and hide.

              Specification :
                       Video Format: 1920X1080P
                       Memory support: 8 to  32G
                       Memory footprint: about 6G/ hour
                       Motion detection: 1080P
                       Frames: 30/second
                       Video format: AVI
                       Item Net Weight: 7g
                       Size: 2.8 x 1.1 x 2.8 cm
                  Package includeds :
                      1 x Mini 1080P Camera
                      1 x USB Cable
                      1 x User Manual
                                            Free shipping worldwide for only 35.99 USD

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