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Loskii LW-101 LED Display Home Water shower thermometer Flow Self-Generating Electricity Water Temperture Meter Monitor Energy Smart Meter  for Baby Care

Description :
Material : ABS, PC 
Size : connect to standard 1/2inch hose or shower head; 
Temperate Range : 32-212 F, 0-100 C; 
Weight : 80g

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Features :
No batteries required - The device harvests its energy from the water flow
Quick and easy installation without any tools - fits with handheld showerhead 
Materials approved for drinking water

Newest innovated technology to upgrade and modernize your bath room;
self powered battery free thermometer to monitor your shower temperature.

As home essential Needed - to serve and surprise your husband, wife or kids.
(Especially for families having toddlers or babies)

High-precision temperature sensor - with accuracy (±0.5℃ for Euro).
360°rotatable waterproof led screen for better viewing.

Elegant and sleek design premium quality even fit to all five star hotels level.

( The Tecboss LED Digital Shower Thermometer is an inspiring and surprising technology, t
give people a real time monitor of the shower temperatureIt is self powered,

mainly comprises a hydro power generator
, a thermal sensor, and a digital LED display.
With this device, you can easily monitor the real time water temperature, and take a more enjoyable shower :)
Details Pictures:
 Loskii LW-101 LED Display Home Water Shower Thermometer Flow Self-Generating Electricity Water Temperture Meter Monitor Energy Smart Meter  for Baby Care