Beekeeping Flow Frames, Auto Honey Hive Beehive Frames

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Automatic honey flow hive frames langstroth plastic beehive frame




Automatic honey flow frames langstroth plastic beehive frame

Less chance of stings.The extraction process is so gentle, the bees barely notice at all.

Potentially more honey can be harvested. About three kilos honey per frame can produce.

Compatible with your existing hive.You can shorten the frames to suit any hive.

No mess, no fuss, no heavy lifting, and no expensive processing equipment.

Through the clear end-frame view, you can see when the honey is ready without opening up the hive.

Turn the Key and watch as pure, fresh honey pour into your jar.

This product makes the extraction process far less stressful for the bees and so much easier for the beekeeper.


                                     Material: food grade plastic

                                     Thickness: 5cm

                                     Size: 49.5cm*24.2cm

                                     Weight: 1100g/pcs