Acumulator 12V 7Ah, Lithium LiFePo4 High Power

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 Acumulator 12V 7Ah, Lithium LiFePo4 High Power

Nominal Voltage 12.8V

Capacity (amp hours) 7AH

Charge Voltage 14.4V to 14.6V

Max charge / discharge current 7A (amps)

Length 176 mm

Width 64 mm

Height 96 mm

Weight 0,820 Kg

Type LiFePO4


Automatic Built In Battery Protection: Every Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery comes with a built in battery protection system. The BPS will automatically disconnect power if the battery voltage drop below 8V protecting the cells from low voltage damage. The battery will automatically reconnect when you turn on your charger. The BPS also protects from over voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity and provides balancing to keep your Smart Battery at peak performance for the life of the battery

Faster Recharging: Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries can be recharged in as little as 1 hour. Unlike lead batteries that lose power while charging due to heat loss, A Smart Battery is 99.1% efficient and will absorb nearly all of the power from your charger saving you time and money.

No Memory: Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries can be discharged and recharged from any level. There is no memory effect and it is recommended to keep your Smart Battery topped off after each use.

Long Shelf Life: A Smart Battery can maintain a full charge for over 1 year. Lithium Ion Batteries are dry cell batteries and do not have liquids that cause chemical reactions and evaporate losing power month after month. With a Smart Battery virtually no power is lost while the battery is not in use.





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Informatii despre garantie

Garantie 12 luni (garantia acumulatorului litiu 12V-7 Ah se acorda numai la montarea si utilizarea lui in dispozitive omologate)
Utilizarea la aparate improvizate sau neomologate duce la pierderea garantiei.

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