Acumulator VRLA Plumb 6V 12 Ah

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          Acumulator VRLA Plumb 6V 12 Ah                       

Dimensiuni: L150mm l 50mm  h 95mm

Voltaj; 6V

Capacitate: 12 Ah

Producator: Ritar Power

Se utilizeaza la sisteme alarma ,UPS-uri , barcute electrice de nadit ,vehicole electrice pentru copii.














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  1. The power supply is

    Postat de Pamela in 16th Sep 2014

    The power supply is made to put out as much cunerrt as it can in order to maintain its 13.8V, or whatever the set voltage is. A battery charger limits the cunerrt to perhaps 10 amps or so, and even then, when it detects that the battery is reaching full charge, may scale back the cunerrt. If the power supply continuously charges at 10A or more, after the battery is full, the energy has nowhere to go but heat, and the electrolyte will boil off.This assumes you don't have a fancy, cunerrt-limited supply (like an HP bench supply). If you were going to go with one of those, though, just buying a battery charger would be a lot cheaper.I suppose if it were an emergency, you could take a chance and use a power supply to charge a car battery, but you'd have to check the battery for State of Charge every few minutes.Some battery chargers may only deliver 2A, or in the case of trickle chargers, just 50 mA to maintain the battery.

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