Baterie Varta High Energy AA/R06 set.4

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         Baterie Varta High Energy AA/R06 set.4 HIGH ENERGY AA



Powerful energy for power-hungry devices, e.g. computer devices, audio equipments, toys etc.

Clear communication of recommended use by way of pictograms

"Made in Germany" as the proof of origin on the blister front of the most important product types

"Single Press Out" enables easy opening of the pack and good storage for unused batteries


VARTA Type 04906

Reference IEC LR6

Battery Size AA

Weight 23.5 gr

Electrochemical System Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN/MNO2)

Voltage 1.5 V






High Energy Blister

VARTA High Energy 4903 AAA BL4

VARTA High Energy 4906 AA BL4

VARTA High Energy 4914 C BL2

VARTA High Energy 4920 D BL2

VARTA High Energy 4922 9V BL1

VARTA High Energy 4912 4,5V BL1

VARTA High Energy 4918 6V 4LR61 BL1


Longlife Extra Blister

VARTA Longlife 4103 AAA BL4

VARTA Longlife 4106 AA BL4

VARTA Longlife 4114 C BL2

VARTA Longlife 4120 D BL2

VARTA Longlife 4122 9V BL1



VARTA Industrial 4003 AAA Lose

VARTA Industrial 4006 AA Lose

VARTA Industrial 4014 C Lose

VARTA Industrial 4020 D Lose

VARTA Industrial 4022 9V Lose


Max Tech

VARTA Max Tech 4703 AAA BL4

VARTA Max Tech 4706 AA BL4



VARTA Superlife 2003 AAA BL4

VARTA Superlife 2006 AA BL4

VARTA Superlife 2014 C BL2

VARTA Superlife 2020 D BL2

VARTA Superlife 2022 9V BL1

VARTA Superlife 2012 4.5V BL1


Professional Lithium

VARTA Lithium 6205 CR123 A BL1

VARTA Lithium 6205 CR123 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6206 CR2 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6206 CR2 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6203 2CR5 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6204 CR-P2 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6207 CR-V3 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6103 AAA BL2

VARTA Lithium 6103 AAA BL4

VARTA Lithium 6106 AA BL2

VARTA Lithium 6106 AA BL4

VARTA Lithium 6122 9V 1200mAh BL1


Professional Electronics

VARTA Lithium 6016 CR 2016 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6016 CR 2016 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6025 CR 2025 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6025 CR 2025 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6032 CR 2032 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6032 CR 2032 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6216 CR 1216 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6220 CR 1220 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6225 CR 1225 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6616 CR 1616 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6620 CR 1620 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6632 CR 1632 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6320 CR 2320 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6430 CR 2430 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6430 CR 2430 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6450 CR 2450 BL1

VARTA Lithium 6540 CR 2450 BL2

VARTA Lithium 6202 CR2 NP BL1

VARTA Lithium 6131 CR 1/3 N BL1

VARTA Lithium 6231 V 28 PXL BL1

VARTA Silver 4028 V 28 PX BL1

VARTA 4274 V 10 GA LR54 BL1

VARTA 4174 V 10 GS / V389 BL1

VARTA 4278 V 12 GA LR43 BL1

VARTA 4178 V 12 GS / V386 BL1

VARTA 4276 V 13 GA / LR44 BL1

VARTA 4276 V 13 GA / LR44 BL2

VARTA 4176 V 13 GS / V357 BL1

VARTA 4223 V 23 GA BL1

VARTA 4223 V 23 GA 12V BL2

VARTA 4211 V 11 A BL1

VARTA 4227 V 27 A BL1

VARTA 4074 V 74 PX BL1

VARTA 4075 V 76 PX BL1

VARTA Electronics V362 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V364 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V371 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V377 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V379 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V390 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V392 Maxi-BL1

VARTA Electronics V395 Maxi-BL1

VARTA 4626 V625U/LR9/PX625 BL1

VARTA V4034 PX 4LR44 BL1

VARTA 4001 N Lady LR1 BL1



VARTA Watch V 301 BL1

VARTA Watch V 303 BL1

VARTA Watch V 309 BL1

VARTA Watch V 315 BL1

VARTA Watch V 317 BL1

VARTA Watch V 319 BL1

VARTA Watch V 321 BL1

VARTA Watch V 329 BL1

VARTA Watch V 335 BL1

VARTA Watch V 337 BL1

VARTA Watch V 339 BL1

VARTA Watch V 341 BL1

VARTA Watch V 344 BL1

VARTA Watch V 346 BL1

VARTA Watch V 350 BL1

VARTA Watch V 357 BL1

VARTA Watch V 361 BL1

VARTA Watch V 362 BL1

VARTA Watch V 364 BL1

VARTA Watch V 370 BL1

VARTA Watch V 371 BL1

VARTA Watch V 373 BL1

VARTA Watch V 377 BL1

VARTA Watch V 379 BL1

VARTA Watch V 381 BL1

VARTA Watch V 384 BL1

VARTA Watch V 386 BL1

VARTA Watch V 389 BL1

VARTA Watch V 390 BL1

VARTA Watch V 391 BL1

VARTA Watch V 392 BL1

VARTA Watch V 393 BL1

VARTA Watch V 394 BL1

VARTA Watch V 395 BL1

VARTA Watch V 396 BL1

VARTA Watch V 397 BL1

VARTA Watch V 399 BL1


Rechargeable Accu Blister

56703 Ready2Use AAA 800mAh BL2

56703 Ready2Use AAA 800mAh BL4

5703 Ready2Use AAA 1000mAh BL2

5703 Ready2Use AAA 1000mAh BL4

56706 Ready2Use AA 2100mAh BL2

56706 Ready2Use AA 2100mAh BL4

56716 Ready2Use AA 1600mAh BL2

56716 Ready2Use AA 1600mAh BL4

56756 Ready2Use AA 2400mAh BL2

56756 Ready2Use AA 2400mAh BL4

5716 Ready2Use AA 2600mAh BL2

5716 Ready2Use AA 2600mAh BL4

56714 Ready2Use C 3000mAh BL2

56720 Ready2Use D 3000mAh BL2

56722 Ready2Use 9V 200mAh BL1

56736 Solar Ready2Use AA 800mAh BL2

56783 Ready2Use AAA Toys 800mAh BL2

56783 Ready2Use AAA Toys 800mAh BL4

56786 Ready2Use AA Toys 2400mAh BL2

56786 Ready2Use AA Toys 2400mAh BL4

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