Baterie ceas Varta V361 SR721SW SR58

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Varta baterie ceas 1,55 volti 18mA

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  1. Hi Amol,sorry for th

    Postat de Ismail in 16th Sep 2014

    Hi Amol,sorry for the delay, but I'm back at my pc now so can reply properly to your eunriqy. The watch you have (and it's good to see it has been in your family since the 1980s) is a Citizen Eagle 7 . As far as I know the Eagle 7 line began in the early 1980s, and became Citizen's standard automatic mechanical watch for a long time. By that time quartz watches had become very affordable and popular, so Citizen were not making many mechanical models. The Eagle 7 was their competitor to the Seiko 5, so it was a sound, reliable and affordable watch. The '7 in the name refers to the features built into the watch I've not seen these all confirmed but they might be: (1) water resistant, (2) shock resistant, (3) day and (4) date, (5) glass crystal, (6) hand wind-able, (7) .??? can't think what this one might be, unless it's automatic'. The Eagle 7 s usually have the 8200 movement in them, which was first launched in about 1975, but I have read somewhere that other movements were also used. And yours looks to be one of these since the dial code (6650-763677) and case number (4-663772) suggest it has a 6xxx movement in it. I'm not sure which it might be from the numbers, since there were several 6xxx movements including some in ladies watches. It could be a 6501 movement since that has the same features as the 8200. In the end we can only be certain if you could take case back off and take a look, there should be a movement number stamped near the balance wheel.The first part of the serial number (50400433) gives us the production date, and since your dad remembers buying it around 1984 , it looks to actually have been made in April 1985.I'm afraid the Eagle 7 s do not have a great deal of value these days, partly because they were sold in large numbers and are often found on eBay that's probably the best place to search to get an idea of what yours might be worth.I hope this is helpful,Stephen

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