Eneloop Acumulatori Pedal Juice Efecte Chitara

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      Eneloop Acumulatori Pedal Juice Efecte Chitara



Power Multiple Effects Pedals - all at the same time

9V Lithium-Ion battery featuring SANYO eneloop technology

Up to 50 hours of continuous, quiet, clean, stable power – from the first note to the last

Eliminates AC ground loops - so your tone comes through loud and clear

Two 9V DC outputs - power multiple devices; pedals, multi-effect units, and portable recorders

3-stage LED indicator – provides power level status

Single on/off button – no need to unplug pedals

Rechargeable hundreds of times – saves money and the environment

Water and shock resistant - JIS IPX3 compliant water resistant enclosure

Fully recharges in only 3.5 hours - via AC adaptor (included)

Same footprint as standard effects pedal (2.5” W x 4.7”D x 1.7”H)


Product Description

Rechargeable DC 9V Battery Unit for Music Devices

Product Number


Product Name Pedal Juice™

Charging Time Approx. 3.5 hours *1

Input AC 100V to 240V (using dedicated AC adaptor)

Output Two DC 9V ports (max. output 2,000 mA *2)

Standard Usage Times *3 Analog effects unit (Distortion, Overdrive, etc.) - Current used about 10 mA: Approx. 50 hrs.

Digital effects unit (Digital Delay, Digital Reverb, etc.) - Current used about 50 mA: Approx. 27 hrs.

Multitrack recorder or synthesizer - Current used about 300 mA: Approx. 7 hours

Electronic drums or percussion - Current used about 1,000 mA: Approx. 2 hours

Three effects units (Overdrive, Chorus, Digital Delay) - Current used about 80 mA: Approx. 20 hours

Dimensions 65mm (w) x 42mm (d) x 120 (h) mm (approx. 280g)

Built-in Battery (Voltage/capacity) Lithium-ion battery (3.7 V, 7.35 Ah)

Remaining Power indicator Remaining power during recharge and discharge is shown with an LED light

Green: Over 60% of power remaining

Orange: 30% to 60% of power remaining

Red: Less than 30% of power remaining

No light: No power remaining

Set Contents Rechargeable DC 9V Battery Unit for Music Devices x 1

Dedicated AC adapter x 1

Input AC cable x 1

Output DC cable x 2

Polarity conversion cable x 1


Product Description

The SANYO KBC-9V3U Pedal Juice™ is equipped with high-capacity SANYO eneloop rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology which provides stable, long-lasting 9V power for music effects devices. Power to the Pedal! For more than 35 years, SANYO has pushed the envelope in the development of rechargeable battery technology. Today, SANYO is recognized as the leading manufacturer of Li-Ion batteries in the world. SANYO battery products are used for many commercial/industrial applications ranging from automotive, power tools, portable computers and telecommunications. Pedal Juice is built upon this legacy of industry leadership.


Up to 50 Hours of Continuous, Quiet, Clean, Stable Power – from the First Note to the Last

Stage and studio recording musicians often need to replace the 9V batteries well before they have been exhausted, in order to prevent any disruption during a musical performance. This only results in users having to purchase, and then discard costly, single-use, alkaline batteries. Pedal Juice eliminates those pesky 9V battery replacements. The sound quality also deteriorates when the 9V battery voltage falls below the proper operating range of an effects box. Now, the SANYO Pedal Juice™, KBC-9V3U provides users with up to 50 hours of continuous, quiet, clean, stable power, even as the battery drains. It can be fully recharged in only 3.5 hours using the included AC adaptor. Getting power to effects pedals has never been easier. Power to the Pedal!

Eliminates AC Ground Loops - So Your Tone Comes Through Loud and Clear

Many effects boxes, graphic equalizers, portable amps, and recorder products operate using a 9-volt DC power source. AC adapters and 9V dry-cell batteries are the typical sources used to power these types of devices. AC power can present problems when used to operate musical electronic products. Musicians must set up their gear near to AC electrical outlets. AC power may inadvertently add electrical noise interference (i.e., AC ground loops, spurious noise, hum, etc.) into be desired signal path. With a 500mA load, a typical AC adapter introduces much more ripple noise into the signal path as compared to the clean power produced by Pedal Juice.

















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